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midtown atlanta surrounded by trees and a lake

Living Out Our Values


What it takes to be an environmentally friendly hotel

When it comes to sustainable hotel business practices, we are opportunistic in the best sense of the word. Because we created Kimpton Shane Hotel from the ground up, we purposefully made design and construction choices that help conserve resources. Below are six main ways we’ve done just that.

guestroom door and hallway

Efficiency Shines

Energy-efficient LED bulbs illuminate all our guestrooms, corridors and public spaces.

guestroom shower and sink

Go with the Flow

Thanks to low-flow water systems, all guestroom faucets, shower heads and commodes help us conserve water usage.

fan spinning on ceiling

Clean Air

Filtering fresh outdoor air to create a comfortable environment, guestroom HVAC units are motion-activated to minimize energy usage.

shampoo and lotion bottles

Better by Volume

Rather than small, disposable plastic bottles, our guest bathrooms use large, refillable shampoo, conditioner and shower gel amenities. (P.S. If you love these Atelier Bloem potions, ask us to deliver a set to your guestroom for purchase, or order a set for your home.)

green plants held in hands

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Paper, plastics, glass, cardboard, crates, pallets. At Kimpton Shane Hotel, these items don’t get tossed — they get recycled. The recycling bins in your guestroom make it easy for you to keep up your own good recycling habits on the road.

plated salad and salmon entrée

Farm Fresh

Our incredibly fresh cuisine is reason enough to source nearby farms and other local food purveyors. That this practice also reduces the carbon emissions of long-haul travel, while supporting our local economy, are two more excellent reasons why we do it.